MyScript Calculator
Handwriting calculator

Create geometry shapes, explore and change their properties and calculate metrics of the shapes.

Make geometrical shapes with virtual rubber bands

Khan Academy
Over 4200 videos supporting Maths and Science

DragonBox+ (£3.99)
Innovative game for learning algebra

Motion Maths Zoom
Number line puzzles

Solve algebraic maths problems

Maths v Zombies
Maths game

Numbers Game
A simple, and highly addictive math puzzle game

Maths Bingo
Maths bingo game

Slice it!
Addictive game where the player needs to cut geometric shapes

Angle Meter
Accurate angle (from the surface of the earth) measurement tool

Algebra Champ
Introductory level algebra skills practice with timed rounds, high scores, and a cage fight theme

Number Line
An educational game app to help students learn about fractions, decimals, and percentages by ordering equivalent fractions, decimals, and percentages on a number line

Super Maths Invaders
Space invaders themed mental maths game

Maths Pro
Collection of digital worksheets

Quick Graph
Scientific graphing calculator

Sketchpad Explorer
Drag, manipulate and animate visual mathematics to develop and generalize your understanding of fundamental concepts across elementary math, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and beyond

Marble Math (£1.99)
Solve a variety of maths problems by collecting numbers as you roll or drag your marble through a series of fun mazes for ages 9-12 and up.

Maths formulas, definitions, theorems and interactive solvers

Mathmateer (£0.69)
Rocket mission game with different maths challenges

Dynamic mathematics software that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus